Amanda Alexandria is the black Barbie in couch

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Tony Rubino lives in a small town and has been renting the same apartment from the same landlord since he moved in. He loves her, but she is constantly late with the rent. She always apologizes, but he knows he deserves to be paid. Tony Rubino comes home and finds her in the living room in a sexy blue dress. He starts to take off his pants, and she starts to strip off her clothes as he gets an erection. When she is down to her bra and thong, she crawls up to his cock and wraps her lips around it. She starts to suck it as he gets on top of her and fucks her in doggy style. They move to the sofa and he is able to get a deeper penetration. As she rides him, Tony Rubino pulls her panties of and fucks her pussy harder. This horny landlord finishes by cumming all over her big tits!