Bride fucked by wealthy stud on marriage ceremony day

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Dana Vespoli & Riley Reid are in the bedroom reading a magazine, discussing what they’ll do next, when in walks none other than Sean Lawless. He’s heard all about Riley from Dana, and comes to introduce himself. He’s in the mood for something that’s easy and fast, but Riley and Dana aren’t quite that easy. They want to do it right; and Sean is a big fan of doing it right. He gives them his cock, which they suck on before Dana takes the plunge and rides. Riley’s mouth is a perfect caddy for Dana’s pussy, and she takes full advantage of it. She rides him until her big tits are bouncing on his face, then they get up and 69 together; Sean is behind, Riley on top, then Sean takes his cock back in, Riley on the bottom. Riley gets to ride Sean’s cock, but she gets in the mood for his big cock too, so she goes down on him. Sean blows his load right on her face, and Riley sucks it off. They swap one last time and Dana takes Sean’s big cumshot on her big tits.