Fucked my chubby blonde step-mom

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LianaGood just got home from her date and she’s in a bad mood. She goes to go take a shower but her stepdad is lying on the couch with the lights off. She looks over to the bed and figures she should take something good out of this. She undresses and makes her way to the bed to think about what she’s going to do. She starts to think about his big cock and how she wants to get a handjob from him. She gets on her knees and starts rubbing his dick. He has her suck his cock for a while but he wants more. She gives him a handjob and he tells her to stop. She tells him she can’t keep this up. He tells her to keep going. She’s getting closer and closer to cumming but she can’t. He goes down on her and she gets even closer before she cums.