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“What are you doing in the bathroom with your aunt?” Auntie says. “You know you’re not supposed to touch her in there!”
“Shut up, you old bitch!” Nephew says. “I was just going to touch her boobies!”
“You’re going to get us both fucked up!” Auntie says.
“That’s what I want!” Nephew says. “I want to fuck you like uncle fuck auntie!”
“Alright,” Auntie says, “but you have to fuck me real slow and deep!”
“Yes!” Nephew says. “I’m gonna do all the fucking!”
“Good!” Uncle says. “And I’m gonna sit on your face and finger fuck you!”
“Oh, yeah!” Nephew says. “I’m gonna cum all over your dick!”
“That’s right, baby!” Auntie says. “And when you’re done, you have to swallow it all up!”