Isekai Harem Monogatari 1 Sub Español

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Keiran was driving back from a shoot when he realized there was something wrong with his girl Azul. They were on the highway and Keiran needed to pull over. He was worried about his girl. She was so quiet and so sad. He didn’t know what to do so he pulled over and called her phone. He was calling her to let her know she was going to be safe with him. Azul answered and told him she was in trouble and she wanted to die. Keiran was terrified. Keiran was so scared he couldn’t breathe. Keiran tried to keep calm. He asked Azul what happened. Azul told him she had caught her husband cheating on her. They had been going on for months but Azul thought it would be okay. Keiran couldn’t believe it. He was so scared for his girl. Azul told Keiran she was in the car and wanted to die. Keiran told Azul he was going to get her some help. He asked her if she had a doctor or a hospital nearby. Azul told him there was a hospital a little bit down the road. Keiran called the police and told them there was a car accident at the highway. Keiran was frantic and he kept calling his girl. Keiran told her the police were going to be there soon and that he would call her back when he could. Keiran hung up the phone. He had the feeling there was something wrong when Azul told him she was going to die. Azul was a very pretty girl. Keiran told Azul that he was going to call the police. Keiran got back in the car to find Azul laying in the backseat of the car. Keiran told her to hang on and he was going to call the police. Keiran was scared. He had a feeling something was wrong. Keiran got his phone out and called the police. Keiran told the police his girl was in the back seat. Keiran called Azul back. Keiran told Azul to stay on the phone. Keiran told his girl what was about to happen and that if she didn’t hang on then he was going to get in a wreck. Keiran was going to kill them both. Keiran told Azul he had to drive fast and get to the hospital before her husband. Keiran told Azul she couldn’t die. Keiran told