Soiled cumsluts begging for jizm #2

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Stacy Cruz was on her way to her wedding, when she decided to do a little shopping. The wedding dress was not too bad, but she wanted to get a nice pair of shoes. She was walking through the store, when a rich guy came in. He saw Stacy and knew he had to talk to her. She said she had no interest, but he was persistent. He told her he was getting married and he needed her to be his bridesmaid. She would make out with him and they would all get married. The girl was intrigued by the idea of marrying the rich guy, so she agreed. The wedding was a huge event. The wedding party had a huge buffet, the bridesmaids were all in sexy dresses. The man she married was a bit weird, but she didn’t mind because she has no interest in men. The wedding party ended up getting married, to her husband’s friends, who were all women. Soon after the wedding party was done, the man came over to the bridesmaid, and told her he was going to fuck her. She couldn’t believe this happening to her, on her wedding day, in front of his friends. He fucked her doggy style and then gave her a load of cum on her face.