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Seikatsu Shuukan The Animation 1 is a Spanish dub of the original Seikatsu Shuukan. It is an animated series about various characters who are in love with cooking. In one the episodes, a group of friends get together to spend some time together. It’s a special day, and everyone is there except for one. The guys and girls are at a beautiful restaurant, and there’s a chef on the scene. The chef is a beautiful sexy woman. She’s wearing a cute kimono and a sexy bra, and she’s ready to feed the guys. She starts by cleaning the kitchen, making a tasty appetizer, and showing how she’s going to cook it. Everything goes smoothly with a few jokes, and she even makes a man’s penis disappear. All the guys are totally impressed and want to eat some of the food. The chef starts making some drinks, and the guys start drinking. She starts teasing them, and shows her true colors. She wants them to know who’s really in charge. She gets the guys drunk and has them do some funny dirty things. The guys are really drunk, and they need a lot of help walking the dog. The girl is watching, and they’re totally out of their minds. Then the chef sees the girl. This girl is going to be the new chef.