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Ryan Mclane was visiting his sister August Ames. He came to visit but he was not a happy camper. He was angry because he didn’t get to see her for such a long time. This made her very happy. August didn’t want Ryan to see her. She wanted to see him all the time. August was waiting for her brother to leave. Then she got a call from her father. He told her that they were in debt and she needs to work in a night club. In the night club she will get to see Ryan and they can work together. She agreed to it. Her plan was not to tell her brother about it. She wanted to enjoy her time with her brother without telling anything to him. She started working in the night club and she wanted to get to see him. She tried to talk to him to tell him about the night club. He had a hard time to understand. He refused to move out and to give her money. One day she was really mad at both of them. She told the truth. Ryan and her father told all. That night she asked them to move out. She wanted to go back to school. For her school is important. She has to go back to school. Her father told her that she can’t go to school and work in a night club. Her brother asked her to stay in a hotel. She would get to go to school there. In the hotel she would be able to see Ryan. Her father told her that they can’t pay for it. Ryan helped August to stay in the hotel. This way she would see her brother. He would give her money for getting her things and for food. August got to see her brother a lot. She loved to see him. Her father had to go back to work. Ryan was the only person that was with her in the hotel. It was so funny to see him. He would help her and make her happy. He was so cute and sweet. August was happy to see her brother. She loved him a lot. She also loved seeing him so much. She was very happy. She wanted to see her brother everyday. She wanted to see him and her father. One day she was very sad and her brother didn’t want to see her. He said she was not his sister. August was so sad. Her father told her that he is not her brother and he is not the same person as she thought he was. Her brother told her that he is not the same