Agatha Dolly’s response whereas watching Angela Milky

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A blonde girl, Angela White shows up at Agatha Dollys house with no money. Agatha is not happy that this girl is at her door and has no money. She tells Angela to come in and take a shower and to clean up. As Angela showers, Angela tells Agatha that she has to work for her money. Agatha tells her she is on her property and that she will share what she has with her. Angela agrees to do whatever Agatha wants, but she has to know she has a limit. Agatha says no limit. Angela says she is willing to do anything for this sexy milf. Agatha tells Angela she will make her money worth it. Angela has no idea what is coming next. Agatha lays her on the couch and starts sucking on her big tits. Angela is ready to give Agatha anything in return for this. She tells Agatha she is going to make her cum. She starts with her pussy. She gets an orgasm. Agatha wants more. She wants more pussy. Angela says she will do anything for Agatha. She will be a good girl, just for her. Agatha wants more. Angela says she is going to give her double cum. Agatha loves to watch her get a second load.