Assistant provides her chief a pleasant fellatio to alleviate his stress

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Lily Starfire has been living on the streets for some time and has just recently gotten a job as a dancer and has been spending her cash on food. She gets kicked out of a building and has been walking around in the rain for hours. She gets hit on by a cute guy driving a truck and asks him if he needs a ride. He says he would but asks for a little compensation. Lily agrees to do whatever he asks and hops in on the back of his truck. After a few minutes he pulls into a secluded warehouse and tells her to get out. She finds a room with a door and goes in. The guy has a few bottles of beer and tells her to strip down and give him a handjob. He gets a nice view of her big tits as she does what he asked. He starts getting hard and tells her to put her mouth around his cock. She does and he fucks her mouth, face, and then in her pussy.