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In this episode Natsu ga owaru has an erotic encounter with a teacher. In this episode of «Natsu ga owaru» the main protagonist, Natsu, is a high school student who lives with her parents. Natsu feels that the school environment is not the most pleasant place to be in, because she doesn’t feel comfortable. So she takes refuge in her bed to do her homework. But her mother is not happy with her, she has to go to school in the morning. And when school ends, she has no place to go. So she decides to go to her professor, and she is more than willing to do her homework there. Natsu is a sexy girl with an absolutely amazing body. She has an amazing pair of big natural boobs, a perfectly perky and round butt and a tight pussy. Even the teacher is amazed by her beauty. «Natsu ga owaru» is about a high school girl who spends time on her own to study. In this episode, the teacher has a special class that consists of students who are going to be expelled from the school. «Natsu ga owaru» has the atmosphere of a sexy anime. «Natsu ga owaru» takes place in high school in the modern age. The theme of this movie is the fact that students get expelled from the school. The protagonist of the movie is a beautiful girl with big tits who is very popular. She has her boyfriend, who happens to be the class dean. This is a sexual movie and it has many sex scenes. Natsu is one of the most popular characters in the anime.