Jitaku Keibiin 2 – 2 Spanish Sub

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Jitaku Keibiin 2 is the sequel to Jitaku Keibiin. Kaede is the new girl at her school and the new girl gets the most attention. She is the object of many of the male students’ lusts. She is a very popular girl now, but the boys are still not interested in her, until she starts to study at a university in the city.
When she gets to her college, she finds that it is a male-only school. She is still able to get her education, but she is not happy about it. She is able to get a tutoring job, where she is able to meet many of the students. She meets the best student of the class, a very handsome boy. His name is Tsubasa and he has been watching her for quite some time. He starts to develop a strong feeling for her. She is attracted to him, but she is not ready to admit it. Tsubasa is attracted to her, but he hasn’t told his father about his feelings. He wants to surprise his father.
Tsubasa’s father is the head of a business in the city. It is a very important business and Tsubasa has to work after school. There is a new teacher at the school that is a little too aggressive. She has a bad reputation for being a lesbian. Kaede is afraid to tell Tsubasa about her feelings. Kaede is afraid that Tsubasa will tell his father about his feelings and will not allow her to be in the family business anymore. She has no choice but to tell Tsubasa that she is a lesbian.
Tsubasa is happy that she told him, he is happy for her, and they start to develop a relationship. Tsubasa is not sure if he could ever be with someone like Kaede. His father is a very powerful person and Tsubasa is afraid that he would not approve of this relationship.
Kaede is very attracted to Tsubasa, but she is afraid of telling him her feelings. She is afraid that Tsubasa will not take the relationship seriously and will leave her and that would break her heart. She is afraid that his father will not approve of her, she thinks about ending the relationship. She finally tells him she has feelings for him.
Tsubasa goes to his father and tells him he has feelings for Kaede. His father is very happy and he gives him permission to date