Kristen Scott entices and blows her fortunate stepbrother

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As always when I masturbate, I always wear something special. This time, I decided to wear my pajamas. As I put them on, I started thinking about how much I loved my husband and wondered if he’s ever going to forgive me for the horrible mistake I made with him. I think I’m going to forgive myself since I love him so much, even if he doesn’t love me back. As I got comfortable in my pajamas, I started to really get into what I felt like and what I wanted in this moment. I started to rub myself fast and hard, feeling the pleasure and pleasure of my own hands on my soft skin. I was able to keep myself going for a long time, and I was even able to cum while I was wearing the pajamas. I think I’d do it again, and I think I can keep wearing the pajamas for a long time!