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Anja Amelia is having a chat with her boyfriend when her phone rings. It’s her father. He’s in the hospital and needs her to come visit him. She gets off the call and tells her boyfriend that her father is sick. But she takes a little bit of a detour to go visit an old fuck buddy of hers. She calls him to tell him that she needs a good fuck and he isn’t gonna be able to resist. She tells him to come over, her father is sick so she needs all the help she can get. She gives him the address and they meet up. When she arrives, she finds that she’s met up with her old fuck buddy. The two of them have a good time in the back of the car. Then they end up fucking on the kitchen floor. Anja’s dad is home, and has come to help Anja have a good time. They end up fucking on the sofa and then Anja’s dad decides to go back home. Anja’s old fuck buddy isn’t about to leave so he goes home with Anja. Anja’s dad decides that he’s gonna follow along with Anja’s fuck buddy.