Nerdy devotee loses virginity with #1 Superstar Mia Khalifa

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Joseline Kelly gets home from school and is greeted by her step dad Chad. Chad is not happy that she didn’t call when she was going to be late. He says it was disrespectful of her. Joseline tries to explain that she didn’t hear the phone ring. Chad wants to know why she didn’t call him. He knows that she’s been skipping school lately, and he’s sick and tired of it. Chad asks Joseline if she wants to see what happens to little girls who don’t listen to their stepdads. He tells her to get on her knees and suck his cock. Before long she’s taking it deep in her throat. Once she’s had a taste she can’t get enough. She makes sure to put her step dad off long enough to get her pussy fucked. Joseline is happy to get it all over her face.