Queen Rogue has her first-ever gang-fuck

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This is a Japanese porn movie that features a very sexy and cute girl named Saya. Saya is a young college student, working part-time at a bar called the Ahegao Bar. When she tells the owner that she wants to get some extra cash, he gives her the job of giving head to all the men who come into the bar. This includes the customers and the waitresses. If she can get them hard, she can get some extra cash. She gets a few dollars for every cock she sucks off. Unfortunately, she is very good at it, and the guys are paying more than usual. The owner gets to thinking that she could make more money if she started giving blowjobs in the back office. She is still too shy to do that, but the more she thinks about it, the more she wants to give it a try. She starts to do it in the back room, but not for money yet. At the time, she is still a virgin and her pussy is very tight. She gives head to the bartender and finally the owner. She loves it and wants extra money for more!