Snapchat costume play ahegao compilation with AliceBong

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Alice has been asking her new stepdad to cosplay for her, she’s really excited. She has a list of people and a few ideas of things she would like. She just needs him to do it! So he agrees to do it, with one demand, that she must take every picture for him. So they start, and he tells her, he has a few ideas for her. He grabs her and then pulls her close, kissing her and then starts to suck on her big tits. After that he tells her to go into the bedroom, to change into the outfit he wants her to wear. She follows his instructions and then he starts kissing her lips and then down her body, until she’s in the cosplay. She’s wearing a sexy black bra and panties, but he tells her to strip and she lets him have his way with her. He loves her big tits and he just wants to squeeze and suck on them. He keeps on sucking until she’s ready to turn him on. After that he lays down and she slowly undresses him. He’s ready to fuck so before he starts he goes down and starts to lick her pussy. It’s dripping wet and he uses his tongue to bring her to an orgasm. After that, he tells her she has to sit on his cock, so she does and then he starts to fuck her. She’s screaming with pleasure until he comes down on her, he cums all over her belly, and she likes the taste!