Spanish 19 Yo first-ever time pornography casting by Jordi ENP

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This is a hentai (Japanese: へんたい hentai) video. It features a young virgin girl who did not masturbate until they were almost 18 years old. They both go to his hotel room and she is just shy and nervous. She is a virgin and she is so excited to finally do it. He has her take off her clothes and she shows off her sexy body. He tells her she is beautiful and gets her naked. As she gets naked, he gets her in the position he wants, and he starts sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Soon they both are ready for each other and she gets on her knees, spreads her ass for him, and starts giving him a good blowjob. He puts her on the bed and she is now ready for the main event. He fingers her pussy some more and then he gets some lube and puts it in her pussy. He starts fucking her really hard and soon she is screaming and cumming. As they both lay there, they talk about their first time together and how they want to do it again!