Stranger ruins this attractive blonde’s cunt

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I’m not sure, but I think I’ve been watching this hot blonde, Karina Grand, for a while… maybe even all day. She has this great, super sexy body, a smile that melts your heart, and a face that you want to kiss every minute of the day. When Karina’s boyfriend leaves, he leaves his keys with her to keep the door locked. He forgets that they are in his house and walks out the front door. She calls the cops and they respond to the call and knock on the door. The boy opens the door, and as he is about to let the cops in, they just walk in, looking around. The officer asks for the keys and Karina’s boyfriend tells him he left them in his car. The cops then walk over, and Karina is so shocked that they are in her house. The cop asks Karina who she is, and she tells him that she lives here. Karina doesn’t know what she should do, but she wants the cops to leave as quickly as possible. The officer then asks Karina if they can look around, and she says yes. She walks them over to the bedroom and they start to take off their uniforms. As they are getting naked, Karina walks over to the bed and starts to masturbate. The officer asks her to come down, and since she doesn’t want to be caught masturbating, she tells the officer that she can’t. She then tells the officer to take off his belt, and she will give him a blowjob. As he is getting ready to blow, Karina starts to feel something wet on her face, and she realizes she is cumming. When she is done, the officer asks her if she would like to do it again, and she says yes. He then fucks her deep and hard, and then pulls out and shoots a load on her stomach.