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Holly is going to a party and she’s going in costume. Her friend Lily wanted to come too. As they arrive, Lily notices Holly is so beautiful and sexy. She starts to feel guilty but doesn’t want to ruin the fun. She tries to talk Holly into coming to a party in her room. Holly gets distracted talking to her boyfriend on the phone, and Lily is free to make her way into Holly’s room. She crawls on the bed and starts making out with Holly. Lily has never even kissed a girl before. She gets more and more comfortable as Holly starts to tell her her dirty secrets. She takes off Holly’s clothes and starts playing with her pussy. After a while, she wants in. She wants to feel Holly’s pussy inside her mouth. She starts licking and kissing. Holly stops and tells her she has to go. She leaves and leaves the house. She calls her boyfriend and tells him she has company.