Teenie elf will get mouth crammed with jizm

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It was elf night time at the local mall. MollyRedWolf wanted to have a costume party. She went over to the elf section of the store to buy her outfit. She found what she wanted and went to the cashier. She was given a price, but when it came time to pay, she was denied the cashier’s services. His job is done as he sees her big and perky titties. She walks away with a smile on her face. She takes her outfit off and goes to her car. She undresses all the way down to her bra and panties. She lays back and stares at the stars. She feels like she could do this for as long as she wanted to. She sees a flash of light and looks up. It’s a hot elf in a hot outfit. He comes over and takes her by the hand and leads her back to his car. He removes his outfit and lays her down. He starts kissing her and sucking her tits. He pulls her panties off and gets his face around her big cock. He licks her pussy before he fucks her deep and hard. He pulls out and she gets a load of hot elf cum on her face.